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iResQ Technology Repair Opens Service Availability to K-12

iResQ, a tech repair company, announces the immediate availability of the company's education repair service, to provide affordable repair of classroom technology.

"We're proud to be the industry leader in technology repair, and look forward to providing fast turnaround to schools across the country on their technology repair at an affordable price,” said Brian Buffington, General Manager at iResQ.

 We're confident we offer the best repair solution for schools who have tech in their classrooms."



Education Technology Repair Service

As the use of classroom technology increases, so does the need for a quality, affordable, and fast repair solution and according to iResQ, hundreds of schools have already benefited from iResQ repairs.

iResQ schools only pay for needed repairs, eliminating monthly costs and high deductibles, which often exceed the actual cost of repair. This makes insuring the technology less of a priority and repairing the broken technology a faster process.

The company, upon request, supplies shipping boxes with prepaid mailing labels, and with overnight shipping, devices are repaired and returned in just a couple of days.

iResQ also has a summer repair program. Schools can gather their broken devices at the end of the school year, to be repaired in a bulk order fashion by iResQ over the summer and returned before the start of a new school year. These bulk orders also aim to save the institutions money from lower shipping costs.

As part of the program, each school is assigned a personal account manager, making it easy to communicate repair arrangements, approvals, and payments by purchase order or credit card, and answering any questions about shipments and repairs.

iResQ employs certified technicians with extensive knowledge and experience repairing tablets, iPads, laptops, Chromebooks and MacBooks—as well as most any product used in the classroom. Cracked screens, broken home buttons, water damage, keyboard replacement, failed hard drives, and power failures are all addressed by the iResQ technicians.

Technology’s prevalence in the classroom might make parents and educators nervous as students can often mishandle it. With this new program parents, educators and administrators will be able to think a bit less about the repairs and concentrate on the application of the devices.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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