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Tech Galore: iPadpalooza and Hack-a-Thon Being Held at School

A recent event at a local Noblesville, Indiana high school shows how EdTech can be both part of the school day and special events that engage students in many different ways.

“Students learn on all kinds of devices now and people will be sharing their stories of successfully using technology in the classroom at an iPadpalooza event at Noblesville High School [July 16],” reported Lindsy Thackston of Fox 59.

While the report says that stories will be shared during the event, it also states that it will be a celebration of moving forward with education technology in the classroom, something that is being pushed heavily across the nation.

“It’s really a celebration of the cultural shift that iPads have brought about in K-12 education,” said Andrew Swickheimer, Director of Technology for Noblesville Schools, according to the article.

“We’re going to be bringing together a group of national speakers, a group of educators from throughout the Midwest, to tell their story about how they’re using technology and iPads in innovative ways in the classroom.”

The event has been brought to a national level with the varying parties involved. It looks to prove that the shift is one to be embraced, rather than creating a nervous setting. Students will also gain some insight on coding and the pros involved in it.

“Not only do we want to involve teachers and administrators, but we want to involve students,” said Swickheimer in the article.

“We felt like it was a good way to get kids excited about learning about computer science, to get them engaged in learning about technology, and so we thought of the idea of having a hack-a-thon where kids come in, they learn how to code, then once we teach them how to code, they’re going to compete in a competition using Spheros.”

What’s the most impressive about this event is the fact that teachers are the ones putting on the presentations, according to Swickheimer. 

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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