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The Internet Celebrates the 90th Anniversary of Great Gatsby

The Internet Celebrates the 90th Anniversary of Great Gatsby

Across the web, sites are paying tribute to the 90th anniversary of a familiar classroom staple: F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

"How many high school students, at this moment, have a tattered paperback of The Great Gatsby in their backpack or locker or bedroom? How many English majors around the world possess a well-worn copy brimming with underlined phrases and blocks of scrawled marginalia?" asked readers.

In a cool moment, TIME magazine was not afraid to admit that on May 11, 1925, the Great Gatsby was not the magazine's main book review, but instead was only covered by a single paragraph.

TIME’s original review, though noting Fitzgerald’s talent, gave little hint of the fame waiting for the book. "Still the brightest boy in the class, Scott Fitzgerald holds up his hand," the review said.

"ABC News' tribute features a slideshow titled "What the World Was Like When 'Gatsby' Arrived." The slideshow includes pictures of the attire, famous faces and other signs of the time from 1925.

"Other tributes include lists of largely unknown Gatsby facts. The Washington Post's roundup of nine unknown facts include that in 1940 when Fitzgerald died, "copies of the second printing were still piled up unsold" and that the author hilariously nearly "considered calling his masterpiece 'The High-Bouncing Lover' or even 'Trimalchio in West Egg.'"

Directly from the source, Scribner, the publisher of The Great Gatsby, is holding an official give-away where one lucky winner will receive a "Scribner Classic Fitzgerald Library." Check out the rules here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

Should every student read The Great Gatsby before he or she graduates high school?

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