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Interactive Whiteboards Not in 'Classroom of the Future'

Interactive Whiteboards Not in 'Classroom of the Future'

Technology continues to develop quickly and teachers do what they can to design and implement “the classroom of the future.”

Designing “the classroom of the future”, however, is not an easy task, “mostly because it’s difficult to know what the future will look like,” said an article on

“As little as five years ago, few could have predicted the ubiquity of tablets and their accompanying need for more and more WiFi capabilities,” the article said. “Even the maker movement's reliance on "creative spaces" is a relatively new phenomenon.”

As quickly as new technologies arise, the article said “other devices previously deemed indispensable fall out of favor.” The article, for example, looks at the interactive whiteboard.

"With interactive boards, teachers are standing there tapping, essentially using it like a chalk board," said Brebeuf Assistant Principal LaMaster. "It pretends to be interactive, but the most interactive you can be is two kids standing at the board and 18 watching. It's the opposite of an experiential activity."

Sam Farsaii, chief technology officer for the Coppell Independent School District in Dallas agreed and said "interactive boards are on their way out.”

"With inexpensive devices such as tablets, and a projector system, you can simulate whiteboard activities in an even more interactive way," he said. He also said “even the physical height of interactive boards can be problematic, particularly for elementary students.”

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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