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Latest Education News
Are you hesitant to teach about this year's election because of a certain someone?
A new education bill continues the discussion on Georgia's past of widespread cheating.
Universities across the country are experimenting with virtual classrooms to prepare teacher hopefuls.
A teachers union is hoping Donald Trump does not get the opportunity to rally in a school building.
With the increasing introduction of STEM tools comes a little guy named Root who has been designed to teach both children and adults how to code.
A new study indicates that ELA teachers are less likely to use materiasl reccomended by state standards.
An annual report reveals the country's highest performing high schools graduate students at a considerably accelerated rate.
An investigation into years of neglect by a local school board that inspired sweeping changes has won Tampa Bay Times reporters a Pulitzer Price for local reporting.
Kaplan Test Prep's partnership with the ACT will provide affordable access to live instruction, online preparation for next year's high school students.
iSheriff's paper, “Is Your School Ready for Education 3.0?” helps school communities to make transitions to EdTech.
Missouri's new state standards mandate cursive writing in elementary school.
Teaching Latin in early grades may help students read better.
Amazon is looking to make sure that New York schools get onboard statewide with e-books in all schools.
The CDC is stepping in to research safety in youth football.
Finnish educationalist Pasi Sahlberg has been awarded the LEGO Prize 2016.
Non-profit Great Minds says its math curriculum is the number one in the country based on new survey results.
Teachers are trying out mobile apps that help students self-monitor staying on track.
EdTech giant GoGuardian is looking to help simplify the process of keeping track of Chromebooks for administrators.
One education expert is expressing relief.