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How One Teacher Made Millions, Sharing Her Lessons

How One Teacher Made Millions, Sharing Her Lessons

In 2008, Georgia kindergarten teacher Deanna Jump was just a regular teacher with a passion for her job who enjoyed collaborating with her colleagues. Today, Jump's lessons are used in classrooms nationwide and she's made millions of dollars from her efforts as a result.

Before Jump bridged the divide between educator and entrepreneur, she was a well-respected and involved teacher who enjoyed sharing her lessons with her peers. When one of those peers recommended she post her lessons on the relatively new site at the time, Teachers Pay Teachers, everything changed.

For those unfamiliar, Teachers Pay Teachers is a website educators in all subjects and grade levels can use to buy and sell lessons for their classrooms. It has over 1.6 million registered users currently.

According to First Coast News, "Jump gave it a shot and only made about $300 her first year, but her husband encouraged her to try it again for one more year. Soon after, her lesson plans showed up on a prominent teaching blog."

Following that breakthrough, Jump is now a top seller on the site and generates about a million dollars in sales annually. She has a blog and uses social media to market her lessons, which First Coast News said "give teachers creative, educational lessons without taking up all of their time outside the classroom planning."

Jump has been able to completely change her life around thanks to sharing her successful lessons. Before her success, she said, she was rolling quarters and living from paycheck to paycheck; she's now living a comfortable lifestyle, all while helping fellow educators inspire in their classrooms and says she's eternally grateful everyday.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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