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How the National PTA Works to Make Schools Better

How the National PTA Works to Make Schools Better

While we all may be familiar with our local Parent-Teacher Association that helps advocate and fundraise for our school's needs, many of us don't know much about how the national PTA lobbies for schools throughout our country on a state and federal level.

Certainly, while we might not know much about the recently inaugurated president Lauren Bay who will hold the unpaid volunteered position until 2017, Bay and the parents that volunteer alongside her know a lot about schools and their needs; they advocate for everything from increased access to preschools to juvenile justice, according to The 74 Million.

It's true that the while we might be most familiar with the involvement and fundraising from our local PTA, the national branch " spends about $200,000 to $300,000 annually lobbying at the federal level, the bulk of it in the first quarter, when the group holds its annual Capitol Hill lobbying day."

The national PTA is what the 74 Million refers to as a "surprising force" that focuses on lobbying for a NCLB rewrite, nutritious school lunches, safety in schools and everything in-between, including less expected topics such as gun control.

As president, Bay hopes to continue PTA's strong influence on education reform.

"She hopes to spend her term in office focused on the PTA’s safe and healthy schools platform, which covers things like school meals, exercise and recess, and access to safe afterschool programs," the article said.

"She’s also helping push the 'Be a Learning Hero' program, which gives parents advice as they navigate the new world of the Common Core State Standards."

Read more about the PTA here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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