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How Educators Can Benefit From Google Classroom Updates

Google’s cloud-based classroom organizer is getting ready to see some serious updates from developers and with it comes more usability, control and management settings for educators.

“In a recent post on the official Google for Education blog, six of these updates were explained in detail and will be rolling out over the next several weeks to Google Apps for Education users,” according to D. Frank Smith of EdTechMagazine.

“While many of these changes reflect updates made to Google Drive for Work, many directly enhance how Classroom functions.”

The updates look to fix holds in security making educators more confident about sharing files across the cloud platform. The addition of trusted domains is one of the six big fixes outlined by Google.

“Teachers operating in districts that use more than one domain will be able to share content between them, resolving a crucial weakness in earlier versions of Classroom,” reports Smith.

Security is one of the major issues addressed in all cloud-based technology. It is one of the reasons many stray away from using it for fear of security breeches. If your account has been compromised the best way to combat it would be to change your password. Rather than depending on IT to reset a password, IT admins may reset them in a more efficient manner.

Other updates mentioned by Google include, Disable downloads and printing of Google Drive content, Manage sharing settings by organizational units, Easily share content out side the organization and the ability to set admin alerts.

According to Smith, all of these updates are built to help teachers with the content they are sharing through Google Classroom.

“The development team behind Google Classroom now has eight months under its belt since the app formally launched in August 2014,” says Smith.

“At the time, Classroom's product manager Zach Yeskel told EdTech there were a few missing options but that the team would continue to build on their product.”

Continued progression is expected as cloud-based sharing options like Google Classroom become more popular, which increases the needs for these timely updates.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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