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How Administrators Can Obtain EdTech Funding

How do schools seek funding to keep their digital classrooms up to par when the outlay can be so intimidating?

“With growing awareness and need for blended learning and technology-aided education, a major concern among educators, school administrators, and parents has been to find ways to fund educational technology in the classroom,” says Suren Ramasubbu, co-founder and CEO of in a recent Huffington Post article.

“The costs associated with introduction of technology fall under many categories; investments in physical infrastructure—new computers, wiring, Internet access equipment, furniture, and other hardware—are but the tip of the iceberg. Development of knowledge base, competencies for training and technological support is a continuous cost of operating technology in the classroom.”

There are so many expenses that go into education technology that it can often be overwhelming for teachers, parents and administrators to think about. These worries are heightened in low-income communities, especially in light of a national digital classroom push.

So what are some of the ways administrators can seek to ensure that their classrooms are up to par? Well, Ramasubbu has outlined a number of agencies that can help relieve the burden of EdTech funding.

“Fortunately, in America, there are various ways in which educational institutions can obtain funding from many of the 26 Federal Grant Agencies and non-government organizations/commercial tech companies to introduce technology into the classroom,” says Ramasubbu.

“Obama's renewed Enhancing Education Through Technology program has allotted $200 million as competitive grants awarded by states to use technology to improve instruction, hire competent support staff for tech enabled education and develop ‘evidence-based’ practices in technology. The ConnectED initiative by the Government, seeks to enrich K-12 education by providing teachers with the best technology and the training, and empowering students through individualized digital content.”

Along with the agencies mentioned above Ramasubbu also suggests the governments e-Rate program, the Computers for Learning government program, the Advanced Technology Education program and other programs that can financially benefit schools wanting EdTech enhancement.

For a complete list of the programs read the full story and comment below.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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