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Clinton’s Tech Agenda Includes Commitment to Affordable Internet, Computer Science Ed

Hillary Clinton’s Tech Agenda Includes Commitment to Affordable Internet, Computer Science Education

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is releasing today a technology and innovation agenda that could have significant influence on U.S. education if implemented.

Clinton announced a commitment to ensuring all U.S. households have access to affordable, high-speed internet options.

"The Democratic candidate ... sets an ambitious goal to bring affordable, high-speed internet service to all U.S. households by the end of her first term, citing the success of the White House’s efforts on this front over the past seven years, and pledges to back internet freedom efforts worldwide,” says Politico Magazine. 

Ensuring that all U.S. homes, particularly ones in low-income areas, have access to Internet service is an increasingly important focus as more and more classrooms require students to use technology for homework.

Over the past seven years, the Obama administration has made it a priority to get low-income households online, as evident with last year's creation of the public-private collaboration, ConnectHome.

Clinton’s commitment to the effort makes it likely she will continue supporting such initiatives. Specifically, she wants all Americans to have broadband access by no later than 2020.

That’s not the only part of Clinton’s tech agenda that will affect U.S. K-12 education.

Clinton said she would support the training of 50,000 computer science teachers over 10 years if elected into office. Her goal is to ensure that all U.S. students are exposed to computer science education by the time they graduate.

She also plans on incentivizing students who study fields such as technology and computer science. For students who successfully enter the tech industry, they will have the option of deferring their student loans for up to three years. Grads who successfully create a tech start-up, could have the opportunity to have their student loan debt forgiven entirely.

The Washington Times points out that Clinton’s plan does not include a price tag or budget proposal, but said the agenda will be the focus of Clinton’s first 100 days in office if elected.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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