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High Schools Look to Research For Concussion Recovery

High Schools Look to Research For Concussion Recovery

Schools across the U.S. are turning to research to help them reshape their approach in helping students with concussions recover and return to the classroom.

One school in Texas, Trinity Christian Academy, is aiming towards a more balanced approach where the student finds a "gradual return to class and other activities, in a flexible program that's tailored to each student's injury and recovery from symptoms, rather than a blanket insistence on strict isolation and total rest for everyone," according to an article on 

According to the article, "for weeks after his concussion during a high school football game in 2013, Graham Hill, then a junior at Trinity, felt sick. His stomach hurt, he remembers. He was exhausted, and there was a pressure in his skull — like a balloon was being inflated in his head."

"It's like a migraine on steroids," said Hill in the article. Hill is now a senior. said that after a few weeks, "Hill's body was in good enough shape to return to class and practice, but his brain wasn't ready. The instructions from the doctor were simple. No football — and, for a while, no school."

Hill's gradual return to school, the article said, "was planned — part of an academic rehabilitation program at his high school that's based on the newest thinking among brain specialists on the best way to heal concussions."

"Not every student will be out of school as long as Graham Hill was; not everyone has symptoms that linger as long," the article said. "Relying on medical advisors, Trinity creates a tailored game plan for each player, using symptoms as a guide."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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