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High School Discovers Pie-Making Can Involve STEM Lessons

High School Discovers Pie-Making Can Involve STEM Lessons

Students in Massachusetts put the "STEAM" in pie for their school project. 

For students in the culinary program at Tiverton High School in Massachusetts can make pie and learn beyond food, said at article in the Herald News newspaper. Teacher Cathy Marshall, who instructed the students how to make their pie, said STEM, art, and community involvement are just a few extra lessons the students learned as they produced three dozen pies during their first three weeks in school. 

Students in the culinary program donated their pies to the Tiverton Land Trust to be sold at the Country Day at Pardon Gray preserve. Marshall said the project "worked well for the culinary classes."

A lot of what they do involves math skills. They have to measure and convert their recipes. Some of my groups made quadruple batches. Plus this work involves reading a recipe and putting what they read into action. There is a lot of teamwork, too. These kids are divided into groups and they are responsible for getting their pies made. Teams are also required to do a cost analysis, breaking down the amount spent on ingredients so they can state the actual cost per slice for the pie.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor



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