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Hey, Chemistry Teachers: Check Out These Apps Your Peers Are Raving About

Hey, Chemistry Teachers: Check Out These Apps Your Peers Are Raving About

The Royal Society of Chemistry asked chemistry teachers across the pond what they're favorite chemistry apps are to use in the classroom and composed a list of the stand-outs. Be sure to try these in your chemistry classroom when looking for your next tech tool.

Though it might seem like shameless promotion, many educators said they preferred the Royal Society of Chemistry's Period Table app, which is available for Android and iOS.

The cool thing about this Periodic Table app that sets it apart from the many out there is that it's totally customizable- teachers and students can opt to use it for the quick access of data or can interact with the elements to find out each one's respective history or how each changes state as temperature increases.

Further, the app doesn't stop at providing an interactive and informative table to refer to. It also includes podcasts and videos that include key information from experts to share with the class.

Another app chem teachers said worked in the classroom is Elemental, a free chemistry sketch utility that allows students to in the simplest way possible draw chemical structures.

What if you're looking to help your students practice identifying axial and equatorial bonds in flipped cyclohexane conformations? There's an app for that. One chemistry teacher recommended Chair, an app totally dedicated to that specific purpose. 

Chemistry apps can also provide some stress relief through the fun activity of playing in virtual chem labs, as does Chemist, the Virtual Chem Lab.

"There's no guidance or tutorial, it's just a lot fun to play with. Select from a range of solids, liquids, gases, solutions and equipment. Make a reaction and you'll be given the equation. When you're finished in the lab, the app will create a lab report you can share," the article said.

Read the full list of recommendations here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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