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Microsoft's Windows 10 Update Aiming at Education

Microsoft is smack dab in the middle of a Windows 10 update. The update is an anniversary update, which features specific additions for educators and students. The K-12 STEM universe continues to receive a host of improvements from companies, and that includes this one from Microsoft.

“Today, Windows is the leading global platform for K-12 education,” Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said, according to Thurrott.

“Our enduring goal is for Windows to be the best place to learn and the best platform for teaching.”

One way Microsoft is looking to make the EdTech process more efficient is through its addition of the Set Up School PCs App. The app would make for a faster device setup process that has cost some schools, teachers, and students valuable learning time.

“The app uses a simple three-step process to help teachers—who are often their own tech support—set up a device in just minutes,” according to the report.

“For schools that do have IT infrastructure, Microsoft is updating its Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool for the Anniversary Update, adding the ability to set up shared PCs in bulk in a matter of minutes.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also created an application that would allow educators to create personalized tests and digital quizzes for students to take online. Not to mention the fact that the company has made huge improvements to their Windows Store for Education.

“Some of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update features Microsoft has already announced could have a big impact in the classroom too, of course,” according to the report.

“Windows Ink ‘enables students to write on their device, create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard, and merge their analog thoughts with their digital device.’”

You might think that all of this comes with a pretty high price for the consumer. However, Microsoft has been working hard to make their tech affordable, even for schools with tight budgets.

Read the full story here.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contirbutor.

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