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Greater Use of Technology Aids Student Cheating

Has Technology Made Cheating Easier for Students?

For decades, teachers have been worrying about their students cheating. With the continuing advances in technology, the pressure for teachers is even higher. 

With smartphones, tablets, and all of the apps and websites that come with them, teachers are even more anxious about their students cheating, according to a recent article in the Asbury Park Press.

Text messages have replaced note-passing. Students can look up exam answers on smartphones within seconds or take a quick glimpse at a saved file of notes. One YouTube video shows how to digitally scan the wrapper of a soda bottle, and use photo editing software to replace nutrition information with test answers.

The article also mentions a website,, that will overnight-mail a kit of with cheating devices, such as tiny earbuds where students can communicate with their friends during a test. 

"We are living in a copy-and-paste society," said Cindy Terebush, director of schools for Temple Shalom in Aberdeen, in the article. "Plagiarism has become so easy. What they're really doing is stealing, and they don't see it that way."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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Does technology make it easier for students to cheat?

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