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Happy World Teachers' Day! Celebrate With the Best #WorldTeachersDay Tweets

Happy World Teachers' Day! Celebrate With the Best #WorldTeachersDay Tweets

Today is the 16th annual World Teachers' Day as declared by UNESCO. While many countries have their own individual day dedicated to honoring teachers in the country, World Teachers' Day is a day for over 100 countries across the globe to celebrate the profession despite differences. Below are some of the best #WorldTeachersDay tweets that are sure to get you smiling- and remind you of the people across the globe who appreciate what you do.

1. 10.8 Million Primary Teachers Would Be Needed by 2020 for Universal Primary Education

A 2010 study from the Global Campaign for Education found that about 70 million children are annually without primary education. In order to achieve universal primary education, the world needs 10.8 million teachers by that time. For those who are already in the profession- keep on keeping on! 


2. English Teachers Dying a Thousand Deaths Over Hash Tag Grammar 

Is it true, English teachers? Does a lack of punctuation in hash tags grind your gears?


3. Teachers: In it for the Outcome, Not the Income

With every new school year, teacher shortages and strikes continuously make the news as teachers fight for better pay. The notoriously underpaid profession proves that teachers truly are in it for its importance and the outcome of educating the world's future leaders- not for the income in doing so.


4. Education Is the Most Powerful Weapon We Can Use to Change the World

Said former president of South Africa, global leader and inspiration Nelson Mandela in a speech at the Planetarium , Johannesburg, South Africa in 2003. Mandela's words transcend his life and speak to this day about the importance of education as understood from leaders who have and will change the world.


5. Education Breaks Cycles

Sometimes we forget about the great importance of education because the tangible results are so far away. But in a remote tribe in India, literacy and the touch of teachers has helped break a crippling cycle of poverty, reminding us of the teacher's power to change and influence.


6. A Peek at Classrooms Around the Globe

Buzzfeed has compiled some photos from what classrooms around the globe look like- from kneeling students learning outside in Afghanistan to children in bucket hats learning in Japan to smiling high school students in São Paulo, Brazil among many others. A must-see.


7. Teachers in Pop Culture: The Best Teacher Quotes from Movies & T.V.

"Can you hear me? Good! You are NOT inferior! Your grades may be, your school may have been. But you can turn that around..." said Morgan Freeman as Joe Clark in Lean on Me. Hollywood doesn't always get it right, but this list of 20 educators from pop culture and their most famous quotes does a good job in listing the pop culture moments that reminded us of how important teachers are.


8. Don't Forget to Thank Your Colleagues

Research has shown time and again that peer collaboration among teachers strengthens the profession- so don't forget to show appreciation to your "superhero colleagues" as well- whether they have yet be in your PLN or not.


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