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Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln! Education World Roundup of Resources

Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln! Education World Roundup of Resources

Happy birthday, Abraham Lincoln! Today, we celebrate the life of the 16th President of the United States and all of his efforts in abolishing slavery, and more. 

Education World has gathered a list of lesson plans and activities teachers can bring to their classroom for a last-minute celebration. 

  1. Abraham Lincoln: An Internet Buddy Activity: In this lesson plan, students will:
  • Learn the life of Abraham Lincoln
  • Work with an Internet Reading Buddy (reader paired with non-reader)
  • Explore Lincoln-related web sites
  • Review pictures of Lincoln's home and life
  • Practice using links to search for information
  • Choose an extension activity that interests them
  1. President Abraham Lincoln Every-Day Edit: With this activity, students are given a paragraph filled with grammatical errors and is asked to correct them. The paragraph gives a brief description about Lincoln's life. 
  2. Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers: With this activity, students will read a popular children's book about Abe Lincoln and learn the five parts of a letter. 
  3. Celebrate Abe Lincoln: A Primary Timeline Activity: With this activity, students will learn a short history Abraham Lincoln and create a timeline, book, and portrait of Abe Lincoln. 
  4. Exploring Height With Abe Lincoln: In this activity, students will compare themselves in height with Abraham Lincoln with bulletin board paper. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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