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Grubhub to Donate 3.14 Percent of Profits to National Math and Science Initiative Programs for Pi Day

Grubhub to Donate 3.14 Percent of Profits to National Math and Science Initiative Programs for Pi Day

National online and mobile food-ordering and delivery platform service Grubhub is celebrating Pi Day by donating up to $40,000 to National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) programs.

Specifically, the food service will be donating 3.14 percent of orders placed using the code PiDay at checkout.

Grubhub said its efforts are an attempt to raise awareness and support for the important STEM fields.

"Grubhub sees math and science education as essential to the future of the technology industry, and all the industries that shape our lives... Pi Day is a great opportunity to celebrate advances in this field of education, and recognize all the possibilities that lie ahead for the next generation. We are excited to give back to such a worthwhile cause, with the help of our diners,” said " said Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Marketing Officer, Grubhub in a statement.

NMSI programs play a big part in helping the nation’s students learn math and science.

"To date, NMSI's programs have positively impacted more than one million students and 50,000 teachers at 800 high schools and 44 universities in 30 states coast to coast,” NMSI said in a statement.

Grubhub isn’t the only food service celebrating Pi Day.

Pizza Hut will be awarding 3.14 years of free pizza to a winner who can solve its math problems correctly.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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