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Group Launches National Constitutional Literacy Campaign, Supporters Call for Donors

Group Launches National Constitutional Literacy Campaign, Supporters Call for Donors

In Washington, the non-profit group Essentials in Education is launching a national constitutional literacy campaign designed to better educate Americans about understanding the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. 

"It is our duty, both as citizens and as civic leaders, to ensure that the Constitution remains protected for future generations of Americans," says supporters Abby Moffat and David Sandafer for The Washington Times.

Moffat and Sandafer of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation are calling upon donors to give to and participate in the campaign's efforts, arguing that constitutional literacy is an important part of the inner-workings of our society.

According to the two, American knowledge of the constitution is not what it should be, referencing a 2010 study from TIME Magazine that found an extreme disconnect between Americans and the founding documents; many respondents lacked crucial practical knowledge about what the documents afford.

"...despite the many strengths of the Constitution, this wonderful document is only as strong as the citizenry that constitutes the United States. Without strong civic participation, the Constitution, and therefore the United States itself, could easily lose the very freedoms that have led to its economic prominence," they said.

In order to turn the tides, the two argue in favor of innovative ways to encourage young people to learn and understand the Constitution.

"Albert Einstein got it right when he said, 'The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.'"

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


Do you think America's youth needs to be more constitutionally literate?

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