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GreatSchools Partners With Yale for 'Emotional Smarts' Tools

GreatSchools, a national nonprofit parent guide, is collaborating with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence for the launch a new set of tools called “Emotional Smarts.” 

These tools are created for parents to help their children develop emotional intelligence, build character, and shape valuable life skills such as independence, resilience, confidence, gratitude, courage, empathy, and grit.

Research shows that students with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more engaged in the classroom, and do better academically. They are also most likely to find success later in life in the workplace and at home. 

“Every year at GreatSchools, we help millions of parents who want to guide their child’s success in life,” said Bill Jackson, CEO and founder of GreatSchools.

“We support parents through every stage of their child’s education—whether it’s finding the right school for their child, demystifying national education trends and policy, or surfacing new ways for parents to engage in their child’s learning. This new partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is designed to translate cutting-edge research into practical steps that parents can take to help support their child’s social and emotional learning.”

Based on research conducted at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, home to the original scientific theory of emotional intelligence, the new content and tools that will help parents teach their children how to resolve conflicts, foster positive relationships and build emotional intelligence.  

The end result of this collaboration is a series of social, emotional learning tools including articles, videos and features, hosted on to help parents facing challenges such as homework battles, sibling rivalry, discipline, friendships, bullying and competition.

Among the tools you will find at are:

Through a child’s eyes - A series of videos that help parents see issues like homework, friendships and sibling rivalry from their child’s perspective.

Do you feel me? -  A game that helps children understand and recognize emotions by allowing them to guess the “feeling word” they are watching in a series of videos.

Emotional toolbox - Videos, articles and expert advice on parenting challenges and building character in your child.

Yale Center For Emotional Intelligence tools - Tools to help your family resolve conflicts, foster parent relationships, and build children’s emotional intelligence.

Mad-Sad-Glad Libs - Explore “feeling words” in a fun way!

For more on the program click here.

Release posted by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor



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