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Gov. to Expand Turnaround Arts Program; Focus on Preschool Learners

Gov. to Expand Turnaround Arts Program; Focus on Preschool Learners

The Department of Education has approved a two-year plan that will pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Turnaround Arts program which will provide supplies and professional development training to preschool teachers around the country.

"Rachel Goslins, executive director of the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities that leads Turnaround Arts, said the expansion seeks to help students early in their education, including those in preschools,"according to

The Department has approved the plan on the grounds that art education has been proven to help with the development and early education of young learners.

In addition to providing supplies and professional development resources, the Turnaround Arts program will also allow for the availability of regional coaches to help schools develop their art education for young learners.

The program targets schools high-poverty areas that are ranked as low-performing, specifically the bottom 5 percent academically, the article said.

"Turnaround Arts, which launched in 2012, has seen strong results so far. A report on the program found student attendance rates increased, disciplinary referrals dropped dramatically, and measures like math and reading scores improved, Goslins said."

On board to help the expansion of the program are big names like Elton John, Jack Johnson, Paula Abdul, and Macy Gray, and Cameron Diaz

Said Jack Johnson to The Rolling Stone about his involvement, "My love of music started as a kid strumming the ukulele in the elementary classroom. By serving as a Turnaround Artist for Hawai'i, I'm excited to bring music and ideas to the students...I hope to inspire the kids to dream big and help to create an environment of joy and possibility in their classrooms."

The districts that will specifically be included in the expansion are "new schools in Bridgeport, CT, in partnership with the Bridgeport Public Schools; Broward County, FL, in partnership with Broward County Public Schools; Hawai'i, in partnership with the Hawai'i Arts Alliance; New York City, in partnership with The Fund for Public Schools; and Washington, DC, in partnership with District of Columbia Public Schools," according to GlobeNewswire.  

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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