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GOP Candidates, Clinton Reveal Opinions on Education This Week

GOP Candidates, Clinton Touch on Education

In last night’s CNBC GOP debate, education received some attention from the presidential hopefuls as well as from Hillary Clinton (thanks to several 30-second ads that during the event's commercial breaks.)

During the debate, Ohio Governor John Kasich discussed breaking down the Department of Education—a prerogative of several of the current candidates.

“I want to go back for a second thought on this issue of income inequality. My program would move the 104 programs of the federal Department of Education into four block grants, and send them back to the states because income inequality is driven by a lack of skills when kids don’t get what they need to be able to compete and win in this country,” he said.

Jeb Bush seconded this, arguing that more accountability for states versus more government is the solution to fixing education from the ground up.

Both Marc Rubio and former New York Governor George Pataki discussed the importance of bringing vocational education back in K-12.

Pataki argued that it should be priority to bring vocational training back to high schools and community colleges to “honor blue collar work again.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal touched on school choice and voucher programs that he’s head in his state.

"“In Louisiana, we fought so that the dollars follow the child (instead of) the child following the dollar. What that means, from K-12, is that parents and their families can decide the best way for their children to be educated.”

He also took a swipe at Common Core, arguing that the standards indicate a distrust for the American people to educate students on a state-by-state basis.

As for Hillary’s contribution to the debate, two of her 30-second ads focused on education.

In one, she champions for better salaries for America’s teachers as kindergarten teacher Cheryl is shown decorating her classroom:

“The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in American combined. Join the fight for higher incomes. Join the fight for Cheryl.”

Read more about last night’s GOP debate here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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