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Google Offers Schools Free Unlimited Storage with 'Drive for Education'

Google Offers Teachers and Students Free Unlimited Storage with 'Drive for Education'

Teachers and students may no longer have to worry about reaching their hard drive storage limit when saving term papers and memory-rich multimedia projects. 

Google recently announced that with its "Drive for Education" tool, teachers and students are offered unlimited free cloud storage, according to Google's Classroom was launched in June to help teachers organize their classroom for free, and so far "30 million students, teachers, and admin have access to the program, and that number will increase as more schools sign up."

With Google's Classroom, according to its website, "[teachers can] create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes."

Google may have "outsmarted" its competitors when it comes to success in the education market, said Daniel Kline, writer for The Motley Fool. Kline said that along with its Chromebooks, which are "increasingly popular in schools," Google is also offering a "variety of freebies to educators."

"The Google for Education site deftly uses free tools as a way to push schools toward adopting Chromebooks," Kline said. "These tools include unlimited storage for anyone with a Google for Education account (business users pay for the same thing) and Vault, an app for administrators."

Kline said that Google using the education market for its Chromebooks is "a sound strategy," and its competitors including Apple and Microsoft "never seemed especially focused on educators."

"Like Google has done for regular folks with its suite of productivity apps that serves as an alternative to paid products including Microsoft Office, it's doing for educators with Google for Education," Kline said. "Hook them in with decent, or even good, free products, then leverage their level of comfort in that system to sell devices which work well specifically with those apps."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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