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Google Leads the Way Over Apple in K-12 EdTech

Google is one of the leaders in technology worldwide. The company is also becoming the leader for education technology, over many others, such as Apple. There are many driving factors that facilitate Google's growth as a company in the education market, with Chromebooks being one of it's secrets to success.

“Google's foray into the business world runs alongside some of its similar, but less profitable, initiatives in education,” reports Matt Kapko of CIO. 

Google Apps for Education, a free suite of applications for schools that contains no advertisements, is having a major impact at the K-12 level, says Mike Daugherty, director of technology and information systems at Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools in Ohio.”

School districts across the nation are actually helping Google triumph over competition like Apple. According to Kapko’s report, Apple is now competing with Google and other companies that are trying to cash in on the transition to the digital classrooms.

“Despite its early lead, Apple is slipping on the education front; during the third quarter of 2014, more Chromebooks (715,000) shipped to education customers than iPads (702,000), according to IDC,” reports Kapko.

“Daugherty's school already purchased more than 1,700 Chromebooks in 2015, and many recent conversations he's had with colleagues in education and IT have centered on Google, he says.”

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s operating system and are primarily dependent on Internet access. These devices have become increasingly popular tools during the shift to technological classrooms. The storage system is cloud based hence the need for Internet access.

With Google’s cloud based storage system also comes the influence of cloud storage throughout schools. In fact, Kapko reports that, “Google has played an integral rol in VIF International Education’s decision to move on the cloud.”

While Google continues its dominance, its competition will be forced to step their game up as well. This competition may lead to companies developing even more excellent tools for students in the growing digital classroom.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor


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