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Google Education Numbers on the Rise With 50 Million App Users

With a seemingly crowded education technology industry, Google continues its dominance as it has amassed over 50 million teachers and student Google Apps for Education users. There are also over 10 million users of Google Classroom and Google Chromebooks.

Google is one of the many companies that are looking to add efficiency and futuristic approaches to learning. The company is continuing to make strides in the market and the numbers are just some of the indications that would suggest that the numbers are only going to rise in the future.

"Ever since we began working with teachers and students, it's been rewarding and encouraging to hear their stories, collaborate to find answers to their problems, and watch those solutions come to life at schools and universities around the world. Lucky for us, we’re just getting started," wrote Cinthya Mohr, Google for Education's user experience lead, according to an EdTechMagazine report.

“’Google has dubbed Classroom "mission control for students and teachers.’ The app, which weaves together various other apps, including Drive, Docs, Sheets and Forms, made waves shortly after it was launched in August 2014.”

With constant updates and revamping to improve the features, the company pushed for mobility, API tools and an increased focus on learning and classroom management systems. EdTechMagazine attributes much of Google Education’s growth to the extensive use of Chromebooks in the classroom.

“Part of that success is due to the device’s affordability, but the other key element is the growth in one-to-one initiatives across the country,” according to the report.

“We liked the ability for students to have single sign-on for Google Apps and the variety of apps we identified that were important,” said Donna Teuber, the team leader for technology integration at Richland County School District Two in Columbia, S.C.

“We also had conversations about the importance of a keyboard, so students can write, create blogs, share documents and collaborate with each other.”

What Google Education has done is diversify their approach to learning. The company has dipped its feet in each aspect of education technology to ensure that they aren’t just focusing on one area.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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