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Google: Chromebooks Are the Best-Selling Devices for Schools

Google: Chromebooks Are the Best-Selling Devices for Schools

Chromebooks are becoming one of the best devices in the classroom, fulfilling the needs for both teachers and students. 

A report from IT Industry and analyst IDC marks Chromebooks as the "best-selling device in the market for K-12 tablets and notebooks this year," Google said in a recent blog post. 

"Schools tell us that Chromebooks fill three big needs: they’re easy for students and teachers to use, they’re easy to share, and they’re easy to manage," Google said. "That's critical for schools that often want to give their students the best technology, but don’t have a large IT department to support it."

"And it’s part of what has made Chromebooks such a hit in schools," the post said. "In fact, according to IDC’s latest report on tablets and laptops in K-12 education, Chromebooks are the best-selling device in the U.S. this year."

Chromebooks, the blog post said, are continuing to grow in popularity- "in districts like Montgomery County, MD [more than 50,000 devices], Charlotte-Mecklenberg, NC [32,000 devices] and Cherry Creek, CO [26,000 devices], who have all begun using Chromebooks in 2014."

"Beyond the U.S., countries are looking at how they can use technology in the classroom on a large scale—like in Malaysia, where the entire national school system is using Chromebooks," the post said. "This week, we’re hosting the Global Education Symposium, a gathering of education ministers from 18 countries working to implement technology that will help them meet their country’s educational agenda. We’ll hear from education leaders who are exploring new educational models, and look at how innovative local schools are using technology to help teachers and students excel."

Google said it's been "thrilling to see how Chromebooks—alongside Android tablets, Google Play for Education, Classroom and Google Apps for Education, which is now used by 40 million students and teachers around the world—can help students meet their learning goals."

"We can’t wait to see what’s ahead as more students around the world gain access to new learning opportunities through technology," the post finished.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor 

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