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Google ‘Flash Funds’ Missouri Teachers Classroom Wishes


Google provided $194,370.90 to Kansas City, Mo., teachers who posted their wish list on the popular crowdfunding site for educators, The crowdfunding organization announced that “152 Kansas City area teachers will receive materials for their 13,842 students -- ranging from paper, pencils and books to laptops, musical instruments and microscopes.”

Any teachers can use DonorsChoose to post classroom-based projects that they need technical equipment and other supplies for. Teachers may list initiatives (such as building an in-class library) that site visitors could supplement through online donations. Many teachers who use the website are teaching in underfunded communities and request supplies to help bolster anything from reading programs using books and worksheets to STEM lessons using tablet computers or laboratory equipment.

"We are so humbled and grateful to Google for their devotion to our teachers and students," said Charles Best, founder and CEO of, in the company's press release. "This is a great day for Kansas City classrooms."

Google announced their donation on the Missouri teachers’ funding sites. In total, 175 projects were funded. The technology giant also fully funded educators’ requests in San Francisco, AtlantaChicagoWashington, DC, and Austin recently, according to the release.

Any teacher can sign up on and make a classroom request. In contrast to some other crowdfunding sites, teachers may still remain eligible for donations even if their projects were not fully funded. Donors can provide their names or remain anonymous. According to the DonorChoose site, 14 years ago, Charles Best, a social studies teacher in the Bronx created the non-profit organization.

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