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GoGuardian For Teachers Integrates Google Classroom

There are plenty of classroom management systems available to teachers and administrators, but only a few allow integration with other systems. GoGuardian is a classroom management system that is now getting some extra help from Google Classroom. The classroom management system also acts as a communication tool.

“As a result of the integration, teachers will be able to connect with students in real time while ensuring that they are protected from harmful or distracting content,” according THE Journal.

“Users will also be able to sync Google Classroom, associated students, and the GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard.”

Classroom management systems have been integrated in many schools across the nation because of the ease that it adds to the job of an educator. With all of the technology on the market it can be a daunting task for educators to keep up with managing their classrooms, especially if those classrooms are packed.

With these systems, educators can organize and set due dates for assignments through a dashboard that is available for students to view. It’s also an easy way for students to get their grades in a more expedient manner. Everything from attendance to source materials can be uploaded to these classroom management systems, creating less chaotic online organization.

"We design all of our products with teachers, admins and students in mind, but this feature in particular was the direct result of input and requests from the educators we talked to," said Tyler Shaddix, the GoGuardian for Teachers product manager, according to the report.

"In today's K-12 education landscape, the move to a more personalized learning environment catered to each student's individual needs is unprecedented, and technology is playing an increasing role in this movement as devices become more affordable, manageable and readily available to schools. We want to continue playing a role in ensuring teachers have convenient access to every tool at their disposal."

Convenience in the classroom adds a sense of relief to educators and helps not only lower stress, but also makes it easier for educators to focus on the lesson and their students.

Read the full story here.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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