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'Girls Who Code' Partners With Groupon, Other Tech Companies

Many parents and educators are concerned that students don't have enough opportunities to learn how to code. This summer 100 fortunate Girls Who Code (GWC) participants were able to work with some of Chicago’s biggest tech companies to learn how to program. 

The three-year-old organization has an overall greater mission of bridging the gender gap in the world of programming and the technology industry as a whole. GWC been implemented nationwide to get young females excited about technology, especially backend programming.

“It was the first summer in Chicago for Girls Who Code, which was founded in New York 2012 and has educated close to 1,200 high school girls through its Summer Immersion Program in 2015 alone,” according to Chicago Inno.

“This year, GWC partnered with Groupon, GE, Google, Microsoft, and Accenture in Chicago, and students wrapped up their 7-week courses last week.”

At the moment the technology workforce is still dominated by males, however, females have been taking charge and programs like GWC are trying to get more young women the skills they need to succeed. The program participants were at Groupon headquarters this summer.

"I think it's a really great opportunity for the girls to see local companies that could potentially be their future workspaces, and I think Groupon was an especially important partner for us in Chicago because it's a very Chicago-centric company," GWC Central Regional Director Nancy Bright said, according to the report.

“Girls participated in Groupon workshops, met with staff members, and had fireside chats to learn more about the industry. The students spent the summer building everything from video games to websites to mobile apps, and even learned how to program robots and create MP3 players that could shuffle through songs.”

GWC seems to be a fairly extensive program and can help cash-strapped school districts meet the needs of their students. Learn more about starting a Girls Who Code club at your school.


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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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