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Gates Foundation Tackles Issues Aside From Common Core With New Grants

Gates Foundation Tackles Issues Aside From Common Core With New Grants

Bill and Melinda Gates’ belief in the Common Core State Standards might be high on their priority list, but their recent efforts focus on different educational issues in hopes to further the development of education in the U.S.

“In terms of dollars spent, Gates is the leading billionaire/millionaire who has poured money into school “reform” in recent years,” reports Valerie Strauss of The Washington Post.

“Such philanthropy has raised questions about whether American democracy is well-served by wealthy people who pour so much money into their pet projects — regardless of whether they are known to be useful in education — that public policy and public funding follow in their wake,” the article said.

The top of list sits The New Venture Fund grant of $10,300,300 “with the purpose of supporting the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards and related assessments through comprehensive and targeted communications and advocacy in key states and the District of Columbia,” according to the article.

Strauss’ list provides the top 15 biggest education-related grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As the Common Core Standards continue to take a deep root within the education system the Gates’ have not forgotten about the other holes in the educational system.

“Along with the Common Core, the big winners in terms of issue were charter schools — especially in Washington state (where Gates helps finance a campaign to win voter approval of charters) — and online and technology-based learning initiatives,” reported Strauss.

They granted $5.1 million to Educause, a fund that solely supports the work of IT leaders in the development in breakthroughs for Next Generation Learning Challenges, according to Strauss.

Along with their donations to Educause the Gates’ also donated to organizations such as, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Alliance for Excellent Education, Inc., Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, the LEV Foundation and more.

For a full list of grants rewarded this year readers can head over to the Gates Foundation website.

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Article by Navi Persaud, Education World Contributor

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