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Gallup Survey Shows Most Principals Support Common Core Standards

Superintendents across the United States support the Common Core standards according to a recent survey from Gallup.

The survey found that 73 percent of superintendents believe that the "Common Core Standards are just about right for most students" and 64 percent feel that states should not pull back from the Common Core Consortia." Only 20 percent of polled superintendents actually feel their states should pull back from the Common Core while an additional 16 percent answered "don't know." In addition only 8percent feel the standards are too challenging, while 15 percent responded that they were not sure of they were or not. 

The survey also showed that while superintendents generally support Common Core they are much less sure of whether they should be using international standard tests.

"Very few trust the the tests have merit in providing accurate comparisons," according to the study.

A number of other notable things were reported by the Gallup survey.

  • 27 percent of superintendents strongly agree and 79 percent agree that they regularly consider parent feedback when making decisions.
  • Only 38percent of superintendents agree that they have enough data on students outcomes to make decisions.
  • Just 44 percent of superintendents feel that their district is well-governed on the board level,
  • 52 percent feel that their state's board of education does not offer them enough autonomy.

Gallup used a purchased list of 12,538 K-12 school district from around the country to survey 1,663 school superintendents between August 4-18 of this year. According to the methodology section of the survey, the data was not weighted and "the sample is not nationally representative of U.S. school districts." 

Download the full survey here.

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