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Integrating STEM and the Economy

With the popularity of STEM education at an all time high, it’s easy to see why counties and schools nationwide are trying to explore new ways of communicating its relevancy. McClean County, Illinois, is putting an economic spin on why STEM education should be pushed.

“More than 145 people attended the lunch to hear a discussion on boosting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in McLean County,” according to Pantagraph.

“Our goal is to connect our K-12 students to the business community now so we can fill the employment pipeline after they graduate college,” said Mark Daniel, Superintendent of McLean County Unit 5, according to the report.

STEM education does have a direct correlation with business. There are plenty of products that are in the STEM market or products that are being developed using STEM skills. The county is trying to help push STEM education by getting local business professionals to connect with students, leading to a better understanding of why STEM education is so essential.

“At a recent STEM event called Hour of Code, I saw kindergartners practicing computer code. It’s clear we need to incorporate STEM on an elementary level. Kids are sponges at that age. If we get professionals in front of them, they’ll better understand the fields and opportunities,” said Kevin Reeves, director of STEM at the EDC, according to the report.

“LeRoy Superintendent Gary Tipsord also was on the panel. He said despite the perception that rural school districts lack resources and connections, LeRoy schools have benefited from community partnerships.”

Laying the foundation takes much more than a school district these days. It’s more of a collaborative effort between schools and the community as a whole, which includes those businesses and local professionals who have the perfect real-world experience and knowledge to share with the next generation. Building proficiency and a solid foundation in STEM subjects is even more necessary for students as they enter higher education.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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