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Frontline Technologies to Publish Monthly K-12 Data

In an attempt to create a smarter education technology industry and help administrators and educators make better decisions, Frontline Technologies is launching the Frontline Research and Learning Institute. The institute will publish reports with data that outlines the issues facing K-12 classrooms with supplemental quarterly research papers that dives into industry trends. 

“Frontline will analyze aggregate and anonymous historical data that it has collected from more than 7,300 school districts from across the United States over more than 15 years, and report on the resulting insights in its monthly reports and quarterly research papers,” according to The Journal.

"The Frontline Research and Learning Institute has partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) to produce the publications.”

The more comprehensive research there is on the growing trends in K-12 education, the better educators and administrators can adjust the way they incorporate new ideas into the curriculum. With Frontline being a leader in K-12 software development, these new reports could answer the tough question as to what exactly works in the classroom.

Educators and administrators can use this information to properly provide students with the best educational tools and practices available. What’s even more interesting about this information is that it will not be limited to technology.

“The institute has released its first report, ‘What's the Real Story on K-12 Employee Absences?’ The report analyzes employee absences and substitute fill rates in K-12 education, including the number of absences K-12 employees took in January 2016, which days of the week had the most absences, district fill rates, which days were hardest and easiest to fill, and the percentage of substitute who aren't working,” according to the report.

The compilation of information will be shared monthly, to make it a lot less overwhelming. This is just one of the ways that companies are trying to help provide a better future for education and should be quite appealing to those who want inspire growth within the field.

Read the full story here.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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