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Free Webinar to Help Teachers Diversify Computer Science Classes

Free Webinar to Help Teachers Diversify Computer Science Classes

Computer science classes are currently one of the most in-demand additions to the K-12 curriculum, but scarce resources and a lack of trained teachers in the field present challenges to providing classes in schools.

IT Future Labs, an initiative of the Creating IT Futures Foundation, has created a free webinar available for viewing at any time to help teachers take advantage of free professional development training in teaching computer science.

The webinar is based on the success of Seth Reichelson, an Advanced Placement (AP) computer science teacher in Orlando, F.L. who runs one of the largest and most successful K-12 computer science programs in the country; Reichelson teaches over 200 students in six classes that are completely full.

Reichelson teaches to a diverse student base, and much of the webinar is concerned with helping teachers diversify interest in computer science.

"Reichelson's classes are well attended by minorities and girls of all races, opposing a national trend of low participation in computer science by these groups. In 2013, less than 19 percent of the students taking AP computer science tests nationwide were female, according to Exploring Computer Science. That same year, less than 4 percent of the students taking AP computer science tests were African American and another 8% were Hispanic," according to a statement from Creating IT Futures Foundation.

The webinar includes tips from Reichelson to encourage diversity as well as keep students motivated and engaged in computer science.

See previews for the webinar and find out how to register here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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