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Four Tips for Using a 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 Tablet at School

Four Tips For Using a 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 Tablet At School

Falling prices have made 2-in-1 hybrid devices a reasonable choice for schools. These devices offer the benefits of a tablet along with the functionality of a full laptop complete with keyboard.

The folks at E Fun, makers of a number of 2-in-1 Windows devices, shared the following tips for how these hybrids might fit in a classroom setting.

Best of Both Worlds

The great thing about a 2-in-1 is that it mixes the best of both worlds; it has the utility of a laptop and the ease-of-use and flexibility of a tablet. The keyboard also detaches completely, allowing for quick versatility. The touch screen gives students a better way to connect with content and many kinesthetic and visual learners will find it much easier to understand topics.

Take Advantage of Apps

One of the main benefits of having a Nextbook at school is that it gives you access to countless educational apps. One app in particular, myHomework for Windows 8.1, provides a great way for students to keep organized. With myHomework, students are able to track and receive due date reminders for assignments, projects and tests. Other apps such as Flashcards Pro and CamScanner HD make studying and organizing notes a breeze.

Use eBooks to Lighten the Load

Gone are the days where students have to lug around several large textbooks from class to class; instead think about using eBooks to lighten the load in your backpack. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer free reading apps and there are a number of others on the market as well as a large amount of free books.

Use the Keyboard

Unlike tablets, 2-in-1s come with a full-sized, detachable keyboard. While onboard keyboards may work well for surfing the web or taking quick notes, having a full-sized keyboard allows students to comfortably work on long papers and other keyboard-intensive projects.

"Students are more likely to write better, more thoughtful papers given the full-sized keyboard when compared to typing on a tablet keyboard," said Jason Liszewski, managing director and VP of sales at E FUN.

Article by Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor

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