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Former Teacher Sheryl Crow Pays Tribute to Hometown Teachers

Former Teacher Sheryl Crow Pays Tribute to Hometown Teachers

Former teacher and current music sensation Sheryl Crow paid tribute to her the teachers in hometown in Kennett, Missouri this week.

"The 53-year-old teacher-turned-hitmaker had a great time visiting her old stomping ground and giving money to educators to use as they see fit in the classroom,” said the Daily Mail.

Crow urged communities to support educators who oftentimes spend up to $600-a-year out of their own pockets on school supplies to enrich the lives of the children they oversee.

Crow said “she thinks the work schools across the country carry out to educate young people deserves to be more widely appreciated, and said it was the inspiration of her teachers that drove her to success.”

But Crow didn’t just stop by to offer her vocal support. She also offered up a sizable donation to Kennett High School for its staff to use for classroom supply. The donation was a hefty $21,600.

"Crow announced that she was ‘adopting’ all of the school's teachers through with a $600 donation each. Farmers Insurance® provided the financial backing as part of its Thank America's Teacher℠ program, which has donated more than $2 million to teachers across the country since 2014,” said the Daily Dunklin Democrat. 

The event was part of TODAY Show’s “Show Heart Today” series.

"Thanks to and the financial support of Farmers Insurance, we were able to make a meaningful difference for the amazing teachers at Kennett High School while also showing viewers of The TODAY Show just how easy it can be to do the same for teachers in their own communities,” Crow said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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