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Forbrain Headset Scores BETT Show Award

The BETT Awards is a top awards ceremony in the educational industry. For the category of ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions, the speech and auditory processing headset Forbrain toppled the competition. 

A new method of tackling problems with language and speech, the Forbrain headset utilizes the user’s voice to make certain patterns known as it channels sound waves into a direct line through the users own bone structure, and giving their ears open to take in outside noises. 

“Forbrain is a distinctive and innovative resource that helps the engagement of students in their learning,” the BETT Award judges were quoted in a release. 

Made by Sound for Life, the process essentially improves how the user hears themselves, and thus helps craft better communication abilities, attention spans, and memory. This “audio-vocal loop” as the founders describe it, should help improve the user’s overall auditory system in addition to related skill sets. 

“We are delighted to receive a BETT Award, which not only justifies the research and hard work we have put into developing this product, but more importantly will help ensure that Forbrain reaches those who need it most,” said Sound For Life co-founders Thierry Gaujarengues and Grégoire Tomatis in a release. 

With a range of applications, struggling students can find themselves reading, writing, speaking, remembering, and concentrating better while improving their confidence by using the Forbrain to help with the learning process. 
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Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor

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