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Florida School Using Drones as Learning Tools in the Classroom

A school in Florida is using drones as a lesson tool.

“In the fourth- and fifth-grade gifted learning class overseen by Bobbi Starling, students [the Woodland Elementary School in West Chapel] are learning a number of subjects with the help of more than 50 spider, parrot, sumo and large-scale drones,” according to Tampa Bay Times.

Starling told the publication that any lesson can be taught using drones and what stands out more is the fact that it engages students. Hands on learning seems to be the best bet in any situation and with drones students have the chance to get a bit more of the hands on experience.

The students are able to program the drones through the Tickle app on iPad devices. It’s one of the many examples of how education is evolving and how important technology is becoming in the classroom.

“At one station, they could program a drone to fly over a disaster scene made of Lego structures, thus learning simultaneously about the concepts of flight and disaster management,” according to the report.

“At another station, they could use drones as part of a high-tech bowling game, learning math skills through scorekeeping. And right before the holidays, students powered a Santa-driven drone to fly high above makeshift chimneys and drop tiny wrapped gifts down their lengths.”

Students are learning at a much higher level especially when it comes to programming. For instance, Woodland students are programming their drones to crawl up walks and across ceilings as the report details. Students are also enjoying what they learn with the hands on approach.

"You don't just learn with papers and pencils here. It's not traditional, and it's not boring," Daphne, 10, told the Tampa Bay Times.

"It's interactive, and you learn to solve real-world problems."

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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