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Find Out What Your ‘Superhero’ Teaching Persona Is, Get 20% Off ASCD Books

Find Out What Your ‘Superhero’ Teaching Persona Is, Get 20% Off ASCD Books

Is your sidekick your Professional Learning Community, your mentor, or the tech coordinator?

"Do you read books at lightning speed? Are you known for your magnetic personality? Have you appeared to be in two places at one time?”

Answering fun questions like these in ASCD’s What Kind of Educator Superhero Are You? Quiz will not only tell you what kind of educator superhero you are, it will also give you a promo code for 20 percent off books and e-books in ASCD’s online store.

The quiz will tell you what your educator superpower is, what your qualities are and a little bit about how your classroom runs. After taking and receiving the promo code, you can share your results on your social media pages for other educators to participate in, as well.

ASCD also has a list of book recommendations personalized just for you and a list of the most popular new releases if you’re having trouble picking a book out. As a side note, they do make great gifts if you’re still looking to get some Holiday shopping done.

Take the quiz here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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