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Final Rounds of Jeopardy’s Teachers Tournament to Air

Three teacher finalist will be competing for $100,000 in Jeopardy’s Teachers Tournament Thursday (Feb. 12) and Friday (Feb. 13) night. 

Three teacher finalists will be competing for $100,000 in Jeopardy’s Teachers Tournament Thursday and Friday night. 

In its 31st season, Jeopardy has 25 million viewers a week, and has promoted the tournament with unbridled enthusiasm. 

"This year’s Teachers Tournament is one of the best Jeopardy tournaments we’ve ever had," said host Alex Trebek in a press release at the beginning of the month. "The intelligence and charisma of the contestants, combined with exemplary clues and categories from our writers, resulted in a memorable competition that will be sure to excite the teachers’ students watching at home."

Loyola Academy math teacher Adam Elkana-Hale of St. Louis, MO nabbed his spot in the finals on Monday’s episode. Jennifer Giles of Longmont, CO, a third grade teacher at Columbine Elementary, secured her spot on Tuesday. Huron High School science teacher Cathy Farrell of Wyandotte, MI earned the final spot on Wednesday.
Jeopardy’s Teachers Tournament offers a grand prize of $100,000, second place of $50,000, and a final place of $25,000 (or the combined total of their winnings if higher). 

Fifteen full-time K-12 teachers start off the Jeopardy Teacher Tournament each year, and must make it through quarter and semi finals before becoming finalists. The tournament began running annually in 2011 and, like other Jeopardy traditions such as the Tournament of Champions and Teen Tournament, has become popular with viewers. 

Check your local listings to tune into the trivia fun, and root for your favorite teacher in the comments section below. Read more on the official site


Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor
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