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FETC Pushes Focus on the Future of EdTech

The FETC—formerly known as the Florida Education Technology Conference—is changing its name to push the focus on the future of education technology and 21st century learning.

"As staying up-to-date with ed-tech advancements continues to become necessary in preK-12, attendees and exhibitors alike have come to know FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference) as the nation's go-to conference for gaining insight into cutting-edge education technology," said Mike Eason, FETC General Manger, LRP Conferences, according to a recent press release.

"LRP realized the importance of embracing the fact that technology is the future of education – and we're demonstrating that by adjusting our branding and aligning our event's very identity with that idea."

The FETC holds the largest education technology conferences on the East Coast and is one of the many groups that are trying to make the future of education technology more of a present day idea. EdTech in the classroom is changing drastically and with it the thinking and focus is also shifting.

“To continue to position the event as a 21st century global ed-tech conference, the keynote and breakout sessions and workshops will focus on communication and collaboration; digital teaching tools and game-based learning; education policy and leadership; emerging technologies and maker tools; instructional design; mobile learning; online and blended learning; professional development; and technology infrastructure,” the release stated.

The FETC has its 36th FETC event scheduled for January 12-15 in Orlando. Educators who are in the area or interested in the event will be opened to 500 sessions and workshops and administrators and district leaders will be open to over 400 interactive vendor exhibits and other professionals just like them.

Read the full release.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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