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MA District Finds Whiteboards Improve Lesson Efficiency

Epson's New Whiteboard Trumps Other Models, Salem Schools Embrace New Technology

Schools with the latest edtech tools enjoy the vivid images and convenient lesson-sharing features provided by interactive whiteboards.

Students at Salem Elementary in Massachusetts are using the interactive projector to write "in a multitude of colors using their fingers," said an article in the Eagle Tribune newspaper.

The BrightLink 595Wi, according to Epson's website, is the "world's first 3LCD, touch-enabled interactive projector."

"[The device offers] 3300 lumens of color brightness and 3300 lumens of white brightness," according to Espon's website. Teachers can use the Moderator software to simultaneously share students' work from multiple devices. Plus, it's compatible with top curriculum software and can display images up to 100" from just 12" away."

"If there's a misspelled word or incorrect answer to a math problem, it's fixed almost instantly," the article said."The particular computer program that's being used gives a correct explanation."

State-of-the-art technology is "improving how children learn," said Superintendent Michael Delahanty, "thanks to a special projector and other equipment installed in classrooms at the district's elementary schools this summer."

"It makes school more interactive and just plain fun, keeping students engaged in learning," Delahunty said to the Eagle Tribune. "The district was told it's the first in New England to use the technology."

The article said districts and administrators are pleased as well, including George Murray, principal of Salem's Fisk School. 

"They are very interactive, it's like touching an iPad," Murray said. "They are used in every classroom, every day. It really has changed how we teach."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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