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Enlearn to Announce a Deal With Voyager Sopris Learning at SXSWedu

Enlearn, a nonprofit EdTech startup company, is working with Voyager Sopris Learning to create a new product that will aid student’s development in English language arts and reading comprehension.

“Enlearn’s education technology platform will provide the basis for a new product for schools from Voyager Sopris Learning, one of the largest U.S. educational publishers of intervention and supplementary materials in grades K-12,” according to a GeekWire article by Frank Catalano. “Enlearn will make the official announcement at the SXSWedu conference in Austin next week.”

Though there has yet to be any further details on the project, Enlearn CEO John Mullin noted that ELA and reading comprehension would be among the big study areas tackled in the new product development, according to the report.

“Our platform applies generative adaptation to both math and ELA (including reading comprehension), not just math like other adaptive providers,” said Mullin according to Catalano. “VSL clearly recognizes the huge need for and potential benefits of adaptation in ELA, and we’re excited to be able to help them improve teaching and learning in this area.”

With much of the focus on supplementary technology tools to help students in study areas associated with STEM learning, Enlearn and VSL are working to tackle another study area that is crucial in students development.

“Enlearn’s platform is one of a number of attempts to personalize learning for students using technology, including those by DreamBox Learning in Bellevue,” reports Catalano.

“But Enlearn’s pedigree is somewhat unique in that it’s a nonprofit founded by Zoran Popovic, well-known for the computer-based protein folding ‘game’ Foldit. Popovic serves as director of the University of Washington Center for Game Science.”

The Enlearn platform is compatible with curriculum tools that can be used with tablets and is also web-based as well. So far, Catalano reports that the platform has been piloted in Seattle, Federal Way and Minnesota.

The company is calling their new development; the “generative adaption” approach to delivering students customized materials during SXSWedu. The presentation is expected to take place tomorrow, March 10 according to the article.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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