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Engaging Activities to Prep for Earth Day

Engaging Activities to Prep for Earth Day

Just like spring crept up on us, Earth Day is right around the corner. Prep for the unique opportunity for learning by using these engaging activity ideas. 

Break-Up Monotony with Meaningful Earth Day After School Activities 

This list of after school Earth Day activities includes crafts, games, and research project ideas to engage students in learning about the Earth.

Stand-out activities include using paper scraps to design a plantable craft and an activity that gets kids moving by having them race without spilling water to learn about the conservation of water.

Use Ecology Lesson to Inspire Deeper Thinking By Treating Planet Earth as a ‘Patient’ 

NCSE team member and biology teacher Brendan Casey teaches about the Earth in a unique ecology lesson where students treat the planet as a patient- and research ways to improve its wellness.

“By treating the Earth as a patient, we created a framework to couch a very large question that could have been potentially overwhelming to students. Also, instead of telling kids "the facts", my questions forced students to focus their research and utilize their critical thinking skills like professional scientists,” Casey said.

Take a School-Wide Green Challenge 

The Green Teacher provides ideas for how schools can take a school-wide Green Challenge to work together to support environmental awareness. April is a great month to get started given the start of spring and the celebration of Earth Day.

Suggestions include using an opening assembly to include all students and staff and engaging the community with bi-montly newsletters documenting efforts.

Use These 101 Earth Day Facts to Play Jeopardy

Who doesn’t love a game of Jeopardy to test student knowledge?

Create an Earth Day-themed jeopardy game with these 101 facts about the Earth. This resource also comes with ideas on how to best organize the game. 

Participate in a Classroom Service Activity

An engaging way to get students involved in Earth Day is by having them participate in a class-wide service project.

This Education World resource includes several ideas for how classes can get involved in a service project, including creating a PSA and using lunchroom scraps to create a school compost pile.

Teach Students About Endangered Species 

Earth Day is a great time of the school year to talk about the planet’s endangered species, a favorite topic among students everywhere.

Use this resource to teach students about what Earth’s endangered species are- and how they came to be that way.

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