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Edustar Technology Proposed to Help Evaluate EdTech

Northwestern University’s Benjamin Jones and Duke University’s Aaron Chatterji are proposing a new online platform called Edustar. The online platform would be responsible for helping K-12 schools evaluate their technology solutions.

According to a recent report from Northwestern, the technology would use Consumer Report-esque ratings to generate a full comprehensive evaluation of the technology.

“Education technology holds immense promise for improving outcomes in K–12 education,” according to the report.

“Yet tech tools have not been rigorously evaluated, making it difficult to select the most effective ones for learning and creating barriers to innovation.”

Schools struggle to make crucial decisions in what technology best suits their classroom/school needs, however, that process could be simplified with proper evaluations and methods that would organize and select the best tools based on reports on reviews.

“The Hamilton Project’s new policy proposal, ‘Learning What Works in Educational Technology with a Case Study of EDUSTAR,’ aims to accelerate our understanding of what works in educational technology,” according to the report.

The creators behind Edustar are looking to provide simple, smart, and cost-free alternatives for schools. Making sure that schools aren’t wasting money on technology they don’t need is extremely important. As technology increases, so does the cost and expenses that schools must undergo. However, added efficiency will give schools the opportunity to purchase more tech tools or allocate the money to other subjects.

“The nonprofit platform will act as ‘connective tissue’ between innovators and school systems by promoting more rapid testing and quickly communicating results,” Chatterji said, according to the report.

“It will help unlock the true potential of education technology.”

It’s a technology that is worth looking out for, whether you are an administrator or an educator looking for a way to increase the efficiency of your school/classroom. There is no set date for the technology's release, but it looks to be making progress in the development stage.

Read the full story here.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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