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Educators Offer Ten Ways to Revamp PD for the Digital Age

Educators Offer Ten Ways to Revamp PD for the Digital Age

In the digital age, it may be hard for teachers to find new ways to enhance their professional development. Teachers may be forced to use technology in their classrooms, but use it in all the wrong places.

So says two educators, Jen Sieracki and Raymond Giovanelli, who offer teachers 10 ways teachers can "revolutionize" professional development for the digital age.

"At Grand Oak Elementary School in Huntersville, NC we have worked hard to create an environment where we are supporting our staff through this transition," they said. "We are only in our second year of existence and yet we have set the stage through our vision to become a school where teachers and students 'Collaborate. Innovate. Achieve.' We aim to help teachers understand our goals for educating students while providing them with the tools, resources, and support culture to make those goals reality. In many ways, the focus on differentiation, risk-taking, and learn-by-doing activities we’re introducing to our teachers mirrors what we are asking from our students as well."

The first tip the educators offer is "technology Tuesdays."

"These are volunteer sessions for additional technology tool support," the article said. "This is an opportunity for teachers to get additional tech support on new tools that can be integrated in to the classroom. This is done each month by school or district experts."

Another tip is to "tap into student resources."

"Use students to be a catalyst for what they want in their learning [Genius Hour, Genius Bar]," the article said. "Make sure to get student feedback, allow for them to work on passion projects, and work on characteristics of collaboration, communication, and life-long learning. Have students share their learning with teachers and a global audience!"

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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