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Educators Help Students 'Learn Like a Jedi'

Educators Help Students 'Learn Like a Jedi'

At the annual What If...? Conference on March 1, 2014, two educators, Thomas Riddle and Wes Dodgens, asked the question, "What if the secret to better teaching is making learning more relevant?" According to an article in The Huffington Post, the educators answered this question by introducing Star Wars in the Classroom, a new method of learning.  

The Star Wars in the Classroom website helps teachers learn how to use Star Wars and its characters to teach students in a fun, transdisciplinary way. Riddle had been struggling with teaching world history when he stumbled upon the benefits of using Star Wars to teach. He then used the fictional character, Yoda, and introduced him as a "Taoist sage" in order to effectively teach the concept of yin-yang to his students. 

Another approach mentioned in the article is the use of Indiana Jones films, or Indy in the Classroom, to make lessons fun. 

"We can drill and kill our students, or we can engage them. We [Star Wars in the Classroom] chose to engage them," said Riddle. 

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