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Educator, Parent Seek Funding for Web Series for Children on Autism Spectrum

Mother of Autistic Child Seeks Funding to Use Experiences to Help Others

An online animated web series about a child on the autism spectrum is currently in the works. The series' creator, Sinead Clancy, is using her experience as a mother of an autistic child and her background in production design to help parents of newly diagnosed children.

"Clancy is the creator of 'Reilly’s Life,' which she hopes will be a series of 10-minute online episodes that follow the titular kid — who is on the autism spectrum — on his many adventures," according to an article from the Glendale News Press.

Clancy has chosen to make the star of her series a child who is non-verbal, a choice she says best represents the wide range of the autism spectrum.

The show's writer, Rita Zobayan, is an educator herself and says "the first script has received a thumbs up from Daniel Anderson, an educational consultant who has worked on shows like 'Sesame Street' and 'Dora the Explorer.'"

To get Reilly's Life started, Clancy has started a KickStarter campaign to raise a target of $15,000 by May 15th. So far, she has received $4,000 in two weeks, according to the article.

If she gets the funding she needs, she plans to have the pilot ready for launch as early as September.

“'The hope is somehow we’d have some of our voice talents that would be people that have autism,” she said. 'That would add another layer, to show children that you’re still a valuable asset in this world,'" Clancy said, according to the article.

Read the full story here and comment below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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