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How to Create a Digital Lab With Limited Time, Money

Educator Instructs How to Create a Digital Lab

As technology advances and educators get more opportunities to use digital media tools to supplement teaching, one educator in particular gives advice on how to create a digital lab in the classroom without stretching the budget.

Donna DeLuca became inspired to create the lab after trying to think of what to do with an old storage room in the school library. "My plan was to provide a space where students and staff could explore their creativity using digital media, and my hope was that they would use these tools to create authentic, curriculum-related projects," she said, according to an article on eSchool News.

Although it would seem like a large space would be needed, DeLuca insists simply a storage room or corner in the classroom or library would work. " Our newscasts appear to be set inside a spacious studio, but they are actually recorded in our 12-foot by 12-foot storage room," she said, according to the article.

As for the equipment, DeLuca purchased a green screen for under $20 and her only actual equipment is a Mac, but she says you really don't even need that: "If a Mac is out of your budget, don’t fret: there are some great iPad apps that will do the trick."

And before you can start weekly projects, you need to first recruit willing students to try it out, DeLuca said. She says letting students use the new lab for experimentation during free periods will be a learning experience for you and them alike.

For DeLuca, the results have been everything she wanted and more.

"Our students are now creating weekly newscasts, commercials, book trailers, weather reports, and much more. They have become roving reporters, interviewers, editors, directors, commentators, producers, and musicians. They have become creators of content and not just consumers," she said, according to the article. 

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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