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EducationWorld Brings You the News That Matters to Educators

A few months ago, you may have noticed that we redesigned our website, We also added a news feed to our homepage, specifically written for teachers and school administrators.

EducationWorld will continue to deliver the high-quality lesson plans, printables and other resources visitors have come to rely on, but now the site also will serve as a news source. Our team scours the Internet and reads publications inside and outside the field of education in an effort to highlight the news that matters to professional educators.

“The homepage’s carefully curated news briefs will help savvy educators stay current on events that impact students, classrooms and the profession,” said EducationWorld Editor Celine Provini. “The change reflects modern readers' expectation of instant, 24/7 access to information. We are excited to provide this resource to complement EducationWorld’s thousands of lesson-planning, administrator and professional development materials.”

The new homepage covers everything from union issues and the Common Core debate to what teachers might be wearing in the classroom. No topic that impacts educators will be off-limits.

In the comments section below (or by emailing us at [email protected]), share your thoughts on the homepage’s new look and focus.

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